About the Ford Institute for Human Security

The Ford Institute is a part of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh.  It is dedicated to advancing the study and practice of human security by conducting policy-oriented academic research, providing resources on human security to a broad audience, and reaching out to a network of scholars and organizations engaged in human security work.

Inaugurated in 2003 as a research institute with an endowment from the Ford Motor Company, under the direction of Professor Simon Reich, the Ford Institute expanded to include instructional support in addition to research.  The Institute was instrumental in developing one of the first human security majors in the country.  GSPIA’s human security major now attracts graduate students from across the United States and around the world.

The Institute’s faculty affiliates do leading edge research from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, including political science, economics, public health, and education.  Graduate students provide vital research assistance.  The Institute’s work is generously supported by the Ford endowment and project-specific grants from other funders.

Ford Institute for Human Security
3930 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260